Online to Offline Strategy

About Online 2 Offline Strategy (O2O)

Online 2 Offline Strategy Group (O2O) is a newly formed global consulting and technology organization that works with Unions, community organizations and other membership organizations to build power for their constituents using online to offline tools and strategies. Technology has changed our ability to connect with communities and co-workers, providing opportunities to build new forms of power. O2O provides training, strategy and technology to organizations to increase their ability to organize.

The staff of O2O have decades of experience in organizing and developing new organizing tools. One example is the recently launch mobile app WorkIt which is designed to help people working in hourly jobs get answers to questions about workplace policies and rights from AI (Artificial Intelligence) assisted experts. Tools and strategies like WorkIt have the power to transform the way organizations and communities organize, and collect and leverage big data.

O2O leverages our expertise to help strategize how to build effective campaigns, mobilize and engage members, and leverage technology to help support and scale your work.

Work with Us

Contact us by sending an email to O2O@united4respect.org or using the form below.