Online to Offline “War Room” Training

This 2-day training caters to the specific needs of your organization and your campaigns. Staff and members will learn how to set up an online infrastructure and develop online to offline pathways. Participants will get practical experience of working as an online to offline organizer and will have the opportunity to strategize about how to immediately add these new tools and strategies to existing or upcoming campaigns.

Learnings & skills that can be covered include:

  • The online to field pathway – how do we move people from online conversations to offline action.
  • Building an online infrastructure – diving in to what are the spaces online our organization should be creating given our goals and mission and how to build a list of potential members.
  • The importance of online organizing – history and explanation of why we need to create spaces online for our members.
  • Putting it into practice – having practice conversations through Facebook & Text to begin making organizing asks while we review best practices.
  • Digital tools and analytics – what out there is available to us? These include but are not limited to:
  • Starting a campaign from scratch – diving in to talk through step by step what it would look like to launch a campaign online.
  • Creating powerful content – how do we analyze and look at what content is working best.
  • Live Tweeting! – Step by step walk through of how to amplify an event or day of action to reach the most people.
  • National Day of Actions – how to throw the kitchen sink online to magnify your compression points and moments.
  • Creating the right audience – building the right networks of people - why quality over quantity in many cases is the best strategy.

Campaign Diagnostic & Recommendations

Process would involve an interview process with an agreed upon group of campaign leaders, members and staff to review campaign goals, strategies, tactics and metrics. There would also be a review of relevant campaign research and documents. Once completed, O2O staff would produce a details campaign diagnostic and recommendation report focused on adding or deepening online to offline strategies and tactics to increase impact and scaling.


Ongoing Campaign Consulting

O2O staff can join your campaign in an agreed upon manner and engage in ongoing advising, assisting and training of your campaign staff with online to offline campaign strategies and tactics. We can also help with metric analysis and strategy adjustment to ensure effectiveness and campaign success.


Engagement Pathway Development

O2O has developed an innovative engagement pathway (utilizing texting programs like Hustle) for engaging new workers that allows us to move workers into action more quickly than ever before. For example, working with OUR Walmart we have been able to enter into organizing conversations with 40% of cold contacts we reach out to through our text program. Thus, our techniques are able to bring 1 out of 4 workers we reach out to into OUR Walmart's online network and community. In doing so we dramatically increase worker engagement on a scale-able level. We can work with your team to develop your engagement pathway. What's more, texting is easy and your members and leaders can do it!



WorkIt is an app to help people working in hourly jobs get answers to questions about workplace policies, union contracts and rights from AI assisted trusted and trained peer/staff advisors. WorkIt also connects you to coworkers who share your experiences and can provide support + care.

WorkIt can be customized for any group of workers/community that your organization is focusing on for long-term engagement and organization building. Find out more about WorkIt and licensing here

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