The O2O team has decades of experience in developing cutting edge digital organizing tools. One example is the recently launched mobile platform WorkIt. Workit is designed to help those who work for union and non-union employers get immediate answers to questions about policies, collective bargaining agreements and legal rights from AI (Artificial Intelligence) assisted peer and staff experts. WorkIt uses machine learning (AI) to collect and distribute information efficiently and at scale.

Android / iOS Mobile Apps
  • Q+A: Ability for user to submit questions
  • Group discussions via Topic Areas
  • Anonymous vs registered user access
  • Push notifications: Users are alerted to answer activity and general system messages
Expert Portal
  • Message management
  • Answer management
  • AI training
  • Resource links (external)
  • User management (Experts and users)
  • Tag / topic management

Tools and strategies like WorkIt have the power to transform the way organizations and communities organize, and collect and leverage big data. According to article entitled, The Future Of Organized Labor Could Be This Artificially Intelligent Bot (Buzzfeed, 11/14/16):

“Troy Burton, a labor organizer in Australia who said unions there are looking forward to using WorkIt, suggested that some data gathered in the app could even be used at the bargaining table when it comes time for workers to negotiate new contracts. For Burton, the project is a blend of the mechanics of collective bargaining that undergird the “philosophy of unions” and “the long held promise of the internet to democratize information and overcome the barriers of geography and cultural separation that people face.”

In these times, finding tools that increase communication and connection among your members or communities, while freeing up resources to focus on campaign work could not be more important. We believe in the potential of the WorkIt platform to transform how organizations support their members; reach new audiences; connect people to one another, as well as the work of your organization; and create a new, collective voice of power. Workit is available as a white label product for organizations who wish to harness that potential. It can be configured and customized to serve your organization’s content, brand, and membership, in order to maximize your impact by leveraging new communication pathways through mobile technology, machine learning, and messaging. Contact us for more details.

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